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Localizing Just Makes Sense.

Welcome! Ecosteader is serving Portland Metro. We aim to maximize the benefits of localization. We do this by providing a simple community search for small and independently-owned businesses in and around Portland. Here we have an already-localized platform upon which you can advertise and showcase your work to a local audience, without having to build your own huge website or buy "impressions" of advertisements! Going LOCAL really is the best way to be eco-smart.

Inspiring for Innovations in Eco-Tech

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It's an exciting time to be alive. Cities are finally waking up to the long-term benefits of smart city planning, reducing carbon footprint, and generally being conscious of humans' effect on Mother Earth. Portland is at the forefront of the green revolution, and our ideas feed highlights many of the latest trends and innovations in environmentally-friendly home and city design, green remodeling, urban planning, and eco-tech.

Tackling Issues Unique to Oregon

Did you know that every city in Oregon is surrounded by an urban growth boundary, or UGB?
The expansion of this boundary is of vital importance to everyone. We cannot let Realtor-controlled interests destroy our city. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them who erroneously think it's their "right" to bank on Portland's housing "crisis" by creating lots and lots of HOAs and rentals. In reality, the housing crisis does not exist in the way they say it exists. Properties being bought to be "flipped" for quick profit, and/or converted to rentals (AirBnB) is the underlying cause of the crisis. Private REITs, Property management companies, and Realtors all push for aggressive price increases to yield turnover -- because high rents and frequent turnover are how they make money. Aside from being astoundingly unethical, such an approach to development creates and promotes wastefulness, especially because rentals rely upon a constant bandaid of cheap (often toxic) cosmetic fixes. Landlording promotes unsafe environments for everyone. Profiteering on rentals squeezes out diversity and destroys the character of Portland's neighborhoods and communities.
At Ecosteader, we firmly believe that owner-occupied properties are the key to healthy, sustainable neighborhoods and cities. Everything we do here is to help owners find, build and keep their equity.

Serving Portland Metro

Because in order to change the world, you've gotta start at home

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"The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
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